The Third Harvest!

The Third Harvest!

When the Sri Lankan Expat Community here was enjoying restful slumber after a day’s hard work, we were awake – burning the mid-night oil – scribbling…. and chasing dreams!

We scribbled and scribbled- intentionally, boldly and resolutely! Among other things, we scribbled about ‘cabbages and kings’ and all that a fair-minded, decent and dutiful community should know and think…!

Once what we wrote took shape into becoming in newspaper columns news, stories and features ready to go public, we put off the lights and went to bed….

What you read today is what we wrote mostly in the calm of the past midnight or in the wee hours before dawn; simply because our minds, as if by some divine design, lay sleepless and awake!

Poets and writers are forever an unfulfilled lot! Reason, the Argosy of their hopes and aspirations never comes ashore! What’s not written always outweighs what unwritten!

We salute all those kind souls who by counsel and criticism as well spurred us on, on our voyage to reap our Third Harvest and made the yoke of our financial burden light through adverts and sponsorships; and especially YOU, our erudite readers, for reading what we wrote…

Chadraratne Bandara (Editor)